I saw the klitchko fight over the weekend. After watching the first round I really didnt need to see the rest of the fight, it was obvious who was going to win. Klitchko is huge first of all, and he had a great strategy of keeping his jab out to create a nice distance for himself. Then if things started to get heated up he'd go into a hug so he could setup the jab again, worked perfect. One thing i noticed is that professional boxing is nothing like the rocky movies anymore, the refs have zero tolerance for any signs of gore or fatigue. The first rocky is one of my favorites, it should be really interesting to see where stalone takes the next one. If he makes it realistic, no way would a ref allow him to continue a fight with the kind of damage done in the other movies.

BTW i thought it was pretty cool to hear Byrd's family, specially his wife, cheer him on during the match. She was the loudest and wasnt yelling kill him or anything negative, she was giving boxing tips. Boxing feels more like a sport when hate isnt involved.


rajesh said...

The thing I loved about the rocky movies is that they felt more like war movies. not necessarily with the huge battle scenes, but the personal conflicts between two powers.

I think that's the reason why I rarely watch sports, but am always down to watch a political debate.

politicians boxing each other...I'd pay to see that.

great drawing btw =)

MT said...

:D political boxing, that would be a nightmare... watching old men fall down.
Rocky became one of my favs because of the scene where he kicks mick out of his apartment. They were so into character it seemed like a documentary.

I'm not big on watching sports either but there's something about heavyweight boxing or even sumo wrestling thats fun to watch. They're both very basic as far as opponent vs opponent.

MT said...

And thanks rajesh, wish blogger had an edit button.

rajesh said...

oh, man. that mick scene was great.

and the scene where he tries to talk some sense into that girl in the beginning and she basically tells him to f**k off.

and the scene where he's alone at the ring the night before the fight.

I could go on. But I wanna draw some boxers now.

MT said...

Haha, that scene cracks me up, big meathead is trying to give her advice, she doesnt want it, yet he's right.

One thing i found interesting was in rocky 5 the slideshow of photo's during the credits told a better story of who he was at that time than the whole movie. Those pictures were great, it almost seemed like they took them during rocky.
Probably the only thing i dont like about the series is that he sounds smarter after the first movie. I prefer when he sounds slow and simple. Now i feel like drawing rocky.

Anonymous said...

I actually quote that exact scene a lot.

"I gotta use a bad word"

I really love that movie.

-Kevin H