This is a WIP panel from the comic. I'm hoping that the panels read well and things don't come off as stale or just bad. I'd like it to have a cinematic quality, so i've been studying/watching movies lately. So far I'm finding backgrounds to be a pain in the butt, i'd like to chuck them all together. People read comics for the story anyway, right?

This particular part is in the begining when two soldiers are behaving badly.



Doodle from today, was thinking of Walter Brennan :) There's a movie i'm thinking of with him, john wayne, and dean martin, great movie where he blows up a house with dynamite sticks.



I saw the klitchko fight over the weekend. After watching the first round I really didnt need to see the rest of the fight, it was obvious who was going to win. Klitchko is huge first of all, and he had a great strategy of keeping his jab out to create a nice distance for himself. Then if things started to get heated up he'd go into a hug so he could setup the jab again, worked perfect. One thing i noticed is that professional boxing is nothing like the rocky movies anymore, the refs have zero tolerance for any signs of gore or fatigue. The first rocky is one of my favorites, it should be really interesting to see where stalone takes the next one. If he makes it realistic, no way would a ref allow him to continue a fight with the kind of damage done in the other movies.

BTW i thought it was pretty cool to hear Byrd's family, specially his wife, cheer him on during the match. She was the loudest and wasnt yelling kill him or anything negative, she was giving boxing tips. Boxing feels more like a sport when hate isnt involved.



Few more animal sketches, pencil and marker.



Animal sketches, chunky penguins.



Something went wrong with the dsl modem so i've had to use my aol dialup since last week. Dialup is horrible for looking at art sites, the above oekaki is how i feel about the subject.


Old Favs

Not everyone has seen these so here are three of my old favorites. Also added three new links, there's not a high chance for me to attend a sketchcrawl but i've always wanted to...


Can we show this?

Man, I sound like a sensetive nutcase with the laughing comments. Here are some boobies to look at... Wonder why I've begun to like this picture so much.



This is a recent image, a bored jester thinking about jokes maybe. I have a problem watching people laughing, its not the actual laughter, making someone laugh, thats pleseant even addictive. The problem i have is when someone stops laughing or smiling, when the face relaxes and the smile disapears. I find that extremely depressing. Go ahead and give it a try, smile then stop. It's almost like watching a frown take place, so sad.



This is what i'm working on right now, my comic Behemoth Circus. I'm gonna start posting some of the concept parts and sketches. The guy in the image above actually has nothing to do with the story, but its where I'm going with the look of the book. Drawings like this help me stay focused. The story is centered around gladiators, I'm still trying to come up with a nice summary that doesnt give the whole story.
A tragic love story set in a world where gladiators face bigger monsters than themselves... something like that...




I might as well post the other picture that goes with sunrise. This is another ps painting of the oz group. Originally i had the group walking in a field but was never happy with how i was getting the horizon line... how the clouds and ground were connecting. It's somewhat of a copout, i went for the silhouette, i dont care i'm happy with it :D

I may still have the old image on the psd layer.


Hello, welcome to my blog, hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures. The above is ps painting of tinman on a morning walk. I'm a big fan of OZ stuff so you may see many of those type images. Odds are i'll be posting images often, feel free to say hi, I'll be around.