Gbye March! Today's doodle, i'm going to stick with posting new drawings from sketch sessions, it makes it more of a drawing exercise... So you can assume its done on the same day pretty much... I hope they're decent :)


rajesh said...

I've been obsessed with drawing fleshy females since you posted that "pervo porno" one on the Drawing Board. Mine just come out looking thick but not soft. I'll figure out how you do so on a regular basis one of these days.

sedyas said...

O_O Amazing supersketches! All work in this blog is great. Thanks for sharing.

Lance said...

killer blog! wonderfully bold distillation of shapes!


Hahaha, I thought i was being classy and you call it smut. Thanks though, you have to postem, you're probably just being overly self critical.

Ty Sedyas, i visit your blog regular, its nice work.

Thanks Lance, I appreciate it alot :D

rajesh said...

Hahaha. Well, I consider anything with hot girls smut. Including the Sears catalog.

And I'll have to scan those drawings. Oi, what a pain.