Enter dopey Ex-boyfriend. I don't know why but there's something about green skin on a woman that i find very very attractive.


rajesh said...

Green skin? Hahaha, I feel the same way about purple hair. I blame Psylocke. And Jim Lee.

The guy's left leg seems to be disconnected, imho.

Digging the Chuck Jones influence.


Thanks Rajesh, i did a sloppy quick fix on the leg. I have to admit i saw the time and rushed to scratch this one out to keep with the daily schedule, the blogger clock.

There was a show on cartoon network recently, something about a brain, anyway there was a character in the show i really enjoyed. It was some girl painted in all green, she looked beautiful! Something about it, in every shot she was in i found myself completely ignoring the other actors.

Rade said...


the doodlers said...

Well yes the leg is at kinda at odds with the rest of the drawing. But if its a daily, it's no matter. Put 'em up and tell the story... what happens next?

Love the angles of your characters and the combination of hard corners and soft curves in your work.

rajesh said...

That explains so much. The twi'lek, the green witch, towelly (does she like to get high, by any chance?)...how do you feel about Witch Hazel?


seriously though, I always felt green was such a sickly color. Only you and em.. can make it work.


Thanks rade, thanks doodler- can't tell which one :), thanks rajesh. I still can't figure out exactly what you all see with his leg... did i stress the knee out too far? O well, i should change it anyway if its not easily readable.

Well, to me green is such a wholesome color, it gives off a good feeling, plants and nature and all that good stuff. It's used to describe sickness and decay but i always considered purple for that, spoiled food, bruises and such. Now someone having affection towards purple, that's just sick, something must be wrong with that person. :D

rajesh said...

I almost lost my purple kick for a second. Then I looked up Jim Lee's Psylocke drawings. And all is right in the world.

gtrh657kftt said...