Blofeld: Tiffany, my dear. We're showing a bit more *cheek* than usual, aren't we?
[Tiffany takes the cassette out from her bottom and hands it to Blofeld]

Favorite Bond Girl? Tiffany Case/Jill St.John

Tonight's doodle... I got the feeling that by the end of the movie Case becomes somewhat of a pleasant pain in the butt to Bond. Things get a bit confusing at the end with the tape cassette. Does bond really switch it, or does Case, does he put the real one back knowing Case would screw up the plans, or does she manage to fix her mistake before she gets caught? It was also difficult to tell if she had accepted the bad guys or was simply waiting for the right time to foil their plans, whichever way saved her own hide i suppose... she's kinda like Catwoman. Anyway, the movie is worth a look and its pretty dam adorable watching her fire a machine gun. She was great in Tony Rome too.

I think Jill St.John fit into that club back then with Jane Fonda and Raquel Welch. They were smart, super attractive, and they all were very womanly. I dunno what you'd call it, something in their voice and attitude... it was mature. Anne Curry on the Today show has it too.


Grant Alexander said...

Great stuff dude and those goons are killin' me man. F@#!*& sweet designs!

tamouch said...

I love this blog!!Amazing!

Jona Smith said...

Awsome Stuff Mike. Love the girl, I am glade to see your also able to draw goodlooking women too. HE HE HE

dr. hong said...


Randall Sly said...

Sweet Stuff Mike. I'm always looking forward to the next one, and you never let me down.

Anonymous said...

holy shnikies... this is awesome.


Thanks Grant, Tamouch, Jona, Paul, Randal, and Anonymous!

Grant, i get a kick out of those guys, gonna have to draw them getting their asses kicked.

Jona, TY you're too kind :)

Randall, that makes doing this and updating more enjoyable, thanks.

dancing platypuss said...

Very good man... as usual.I love the classic style :))))

Anonymous said...

nice drawings , the chair is missing perhaps....

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