Drawing for tonight, got a request for another so another Princess of the Whip :) I recently found out that she's only in the movie as this character for about 30 seconds, dam shame.


Thierry martin said...

j'adore le style et ton graphisme, l'energie qu'il y a dans ton trait, très inspirant.
merci pour tes posts.

Tom Burk said...

Yes ...Yes. your back wahhooooo. I have been missing your inspiration Mike...


Dan said...

Nice Mike. I didn't know you animated as well.

Craig Harris said...

HA!! I love the personality in your drawings. Super fun drawing man.

Anonymous said...

Mike this is just great. Can't wait to see what you do next:)

rajesh said...

girls with whips are hot.

Pouch said...

Always,a greaaaaaaaat stufffffff, very powerful

tamouch said...

Excellent!!Great sketches!!

Kristen McCabe said...

30 seconds? really? Raquel should have had more air time if it was up to me. Thanks for doing a second one. It's fantastic!! You Rock the Casbah, Mike.

More Raquel fun:




Thanks everyone!

Thierry Martin, thank you, i enjoy your work, i've been meaning to check out your Renart book.

Tom, thanks :D, i'm trying to keep up.

Dan, I'm still learning, its difficult stuff.

Craig, ty, i was going for the whip hungry look.

Rajesh, Very

Kristen, :D What a naughty little site. I may keep drawing her for a while, she's awesome. Apparently she's in the movie, she has scenes, but that whip outfit needed more screen time. The picture of her talking into the guys butt may be from the same movie.

gtrh657kftt said...