I just saw a detailed review of the Iphone and something started to bug me. What was troubling me? I'm glad you asked. Well with all the service charges stacking up, the $100 at&t plan, having to send it in to apple to recharge the battery(probably a fee), the $30 service charge fee of turning it on, and who knows what other hidden charges, i got the feeling that this was excessive. SURE it's a nifty little media device, little more you could add onto it, maybe videogames. It also has GPS, yah, you can find out where you are at any time, a constant road map in your palm, that's almost as good as a swiss army pocket knife. The problem i saw was that the features costing people hundreds of dollars are basically for phone and internet, two things that i believe (in my perfect world) should be free.

Phone service is one of those things that is basic, if someone needs help that's your goto service. I think it would be great if people could live without having their pockets squeezed for basic needs. Certain things tied to keeping you alive and well should be free of cost, things like health care, clean water, electricity, gas, the internet. Wouldn't it be great if those type things were available to everyone and running simply for the benefit of mankind instead of profit.

I'm reminded of the time when i thought i had a small heart attack. I went to the hospital, they ran 3 tests, i talked to two people, they charged me $1200. They didn't do a thing to me, she told me i was perfectly healthy. The cause was narrowed down to a panic/anxiety attack, too stressed out. But what the hell, do EKG tests run on $400 paper? $1200 for someone to tell me i'm healthy... it's expensive just to look at people.

Anyway, i think the I-Phone is a neat gadget, even though i don't want one... I personally don't enjoy talking on the phone, never have...



Hannie gunfight, going to update onto this post so it reads easier...
Slight scale change...

That's the bit, i like it... clipped a few parts out though just to get to the point... small parts like seeing the guy try and reload his gun, watching her side dive to her shot, and seeing the guy's feet slide into frame at the end. :)

For some reason blogger is shrinking the image... enjoy.



I didnt expect to stop that long...

Hannie enlists the aid of bounty hunter Tom Price to teach her how to be a gunfighter so she can hunt down the 3 bandit brothers who killed her husband, raped her, and burned down the couple's farm.

Hannie Caulder, i think this was the first Welch movie i'd evern zeen... was surprised on how good it was... it's a revenge tale and for some reason just by the way it plays out, i wasn't exactly sure she'd make it to the end. My Welch face still needs work...