Fat Bat

A sketch tonight, he's not fat enough... A hefty batman seems way more entertaining. Struggling over walls, breathing hard, fighting with pressure, it sounds funny but its also desperate, you'd focus more on his every move.



Not too long ago i started drawing a junk comic bit about superman wrestling a baboon man. Still drawing it when the mood hits, but first i had to figure out how i wanted him to look. The top ones are some of my favs from the search.
This guy won.


Sculpt IV

Tonight's effort, still blocking in lumped shapes before smoothing them out for details. Anatomy needs adjusting.


Sculpt III

The first blocking in form, he's starting to show up. The clay is so soft that just holding it makes an impression so i'm trying to get over shaping one area without disturbing another. When i was trying to shape and round out the shoulder i ended up molding the chest and belly, compacting the clay into the body, making him thinner. So i had to scrape it off and try again. Applying it in small strips is a good careful way to build without being destructive. Once i get his basic shape down i'm guessing it's best to start working from head to toe

I'm using an empty picture frame(glass taken out) for the working base. It's nice because its a portable workspace and its large enough so I don't have to worry about getting clay all over the place, the board is very solid, and it's cheap.


Sculpt II

Trial and error. Since the sculpey was dried out i picked up some FIMO. I tested the structure out by loading it up, blocking out the shapes and it collapsed. The tail and feet needed to be reinforced since the figure is so top heavy. I also added a wire frame support stand in his back to make life easier but he still stands on his own so i'm happy.



This one's a bit dated but i still like it.

More recent favs.


Check your Puddy

Blogger doesn't want to cooperate tonight, there's an error with adding pictures.

Make sure that you buy puddy in the art store so that you can check the package for freshness. I ordered my puddy online and have a feeling that its too firm, its stale. Not a problem though, someone needs to use it... a dab of oil should make it good as new.

On a side note, I've been playing with a slight handicap lately. Recently my brother's dog was being too aggressive towards another dog and when i went over to break it up he bit my hand. His tooth went right through the middle of my thumb nail on my drawing hand. Something similar happened about a year ago when my index finger(drawing hand again) got wedged in a can of dog food. The lid went into the can instead of out and my finger got caught between the lid edge and the can wall in a way that when i tried to pull the finger out the lid just sunk deeper into the finger. Now i'm no wimp, i've gone through broken bones and burns and everything but getting cut in a place where you need to constantly apply pressure just sucks. I'll admit, it slows me down.

Anyway, i completed the foil process on the sculpt tonight, i'll post some images when blogger is up again.


Daily again...

Sculpt Part 1

Ok this is a stronger restructure of the wire frame, not so pretty i know, but its sturdy. I think it's starting to look like the character already. Every M/W/F i'll work on the sculpt for about two hours and post the updated results.