Two To Two

Old screen test dialog...


flaviano said...

awesomer robin. it will be great with ginger hair!

Joey Lee said...

Love your take on Robin.

Anonymous said...

That Robin is so great. I can see a bit of Hank Ketcham in it. Who else is influencing you nowadays Mike. I am a big fan of your work

Kevin Hanna said...

you're one of the best artists alive, Mike.


Thanks guys :)

Flaviano, i totally agree, maybe even longer too, like a 70's beatle.

Joey, I've saved some of your ladies recently, outstanding.

Anon, ketcham's great... I've been keeping to myself a lot lately actually. I've been having issues with results, think i'll make a post about it.

Thanks Kevin, I'm gonna bear hug you one day.

Anonymous said...

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