Nude Sketches

Hope no one minds the camera, i still need to learn it...  the lighting is bright in the room but its not picking up pencil so shap.  Flash shots white out everything.  I had an idea, wouldn't it be great in the future if you could copy what you want into the pc just by rubbing it on your screen.  If you wanted to get a picture into the pc just hold it up to your screen and hit the copy button and a mirror image would show up like an ink stain.  No scanning or light bulbs, just the impression left... as if pressure screens could pick up your fingerprint, like that, a direct transfer without having to deal with lighting issues.  I might be thinking of the willy wonka machine. 

Adding more later.  Also, something worth listening to... havent heard anything that sounds this pretty in a long while... beautiful take on the song, AMAPOLA.



Afternoon sketches

Getting the hang of the camera... these were right under a lamp believe it or not...