I don't watch a whole lot of TV, just a handful of programs... Charlie Rose, 24, Lost, and Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Tv season is about to roll around again and Tscc got itself cancelled somehow. After seeing one or two episodes it easily became my favorite. The show takes place before judgement day when Connor was a teen, the usual happens, a terminator travels back in time to get him and another to protect him.

The show wasn't so predictable, it was an entertaining character driven show, they didnt just rehash the movies but instead explored deeper into that whole terminator world. Summer Glau's terminator, Cameron, was just a lot of fun to watch. There's one episode that sticks out in my mind where Cameron gets damaged, forgets that she's a terminator, and becomes a regular human girl that has lost her memory. It's really interesting because she's constantly practicing and learning to be more human and as soon as the program fails a personality emerges that is genuine. I don't want to spoil anything... It's a great series, i recommend it, hopefully a 3rd season will happen.


Two To Two

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