What Traction lacks in strength he makes up for in technique, this autobot doesnt carry a blaster, instead he favors CQC. Traction is known for dismantling enemy bots at the joints and smacking them with their own limbs, most decepticons prefer to strike the old bot from the air.

What kid doesnt want to play with a Studebaker?



What can i say about the Transformers movie, it just wasnt for me i guess. ILM did an amazing job, all the actors played their parts well, the movie can be entertaining... they just excluded too much for my taste. The highway scene was fantastic though...

I wonder if they even watched any of the transformers... Prime hiding under a bridge? Really? Aww crap they've got a helicopter, every bot for himself! They watch Bumblebee get taken down in a situation where any of them could just flick people out of the way. Also, I don't really understand the pimp my ride stuff.

It would have been great to see them interact with each other, alot of the old cartoon is them standing around talking. Maybe they'll try and show more of what makes the series great in the next movie. They really need to go back and look over how to show those relationships because showing big moving robots isnt enough.

G1 bots are the best, here's one of my own, Traction... an old Studebaker, one of the older bots, not as strong as he is durable, a wiz at strategy- believes a good plan is better than offense or defense, tends to joke at the wrong moments.

To be continued...


Well here's the rundown on Traction. Took a while to settle on a head, most of the old bots have a mix of gladiator and space age helmet type heads, this guy is a bit knightly. I like him, i'll scan some doodles later to give a better sense.

I wonder if the Junkticons could have fixed prime...




Well i switched my lighting to those more environment friendly bulbs always talked about, i think they're just softer/lower watt, 10 instead of 60-100. The major difference is that they give off a blue hue instead of that bright yellow or white light, actually it's a bit like the opening scene from Joe VS the Volcano... it'll take some getting use to... worth it... but it'll take some getting use to...

The comic is coming along ok i guess, the first story stretches out to about 4-5 books, i'm happy with 1/3 of the first part that's down. My biggest problem is learning how to settle with a drawing, i'm the type that will go back and stress out about doing it better. I'm reminded of a time, must have been 11yrs old, when i signed on to do a school project of drawing a banner sized stop sign. Thinking back on it i should have, would have made more sense, just freehanded the whole thing and been done in an afternoon, but instead i spent days trying to measure out the perfect 5ft octagon. Each day sneering at it, nope could be a little more even, think i should start over. The whole point was so that no one would judge it negatively, who did the shoddy stop sign, but there's a point when you have to let that go and be ok with doing your best. I've found out that it's easy to get stuck on something that way, sometimes its better to accept where you are and worry about improving the next drawing, just so that you keep moving forward. Get the form down and move to the next one. In the end the 1st graders appreciated the outline and markered/crayoned in the whole thing... wasn't a loss though, it looked great. Honestly, i think another reason the sign took so long was i enjoyed hanging out with a friend back then, wonder what she's upto now.



Poor sweet Yori, always on the run from Master Control. Watched TRON recently, still an awesome movie... there should be a tron game that plays something like Metal Gear Solid or Tenchu... something where you sneak around, knock out other programs (drain their power), fight Master Control soldiers, use that cool disk weapon, free systems... I'd play it just for the cool weapon animations... would be awesome... somebody go make that plz... we need it...