Sword and Sorcery

Loves a lizard woman.


Secundus Part II

Part 2 of Secundus is almost finished, three parts total.  If anyone wants to check out the first part it should be up on comixology soon.  Thanks again to the folks who approved it, i'll add a link when its available.

This is taking a while but its a slightly bigger chapter, pushing 50pgs, and it has a different tone, there's way more dialog... and dancing.




More doodles, I'm still laying out Secundus pages.  Speaking of doodles, I've been trying to sign up for an oekaki board but it seems like their registration page is broken.  After you hit the signup button it goes to an error page.  It's a shame, oekakibbs is my fav one.  

The guy on the top right looks shifty to me, actually they all do...