Ahh! We had a good run, made it all the way to the end but The Red Raja was just too tuff. My faca 3 fighter was Cannon Father, a hardass with a big mouth and big guns. Congrats to whoever did Red Raja, really cool character.

I figured Cannon Father was the type of guy that has been hardened by labor his whole life, thinking of the young kids forced to work in factories during the early 1900's. He's a mix of everything labor related... ship-hand, railway worker, coal miner, cannon operator. The guns, i never fully figured them out, they're not alive enough to run around and destroy everything but they are alive enough to follow his command to fire. They're his weapons, they can't think for themselves but i think it's best to leave some mystery to the relationship. Here's a little history on the term son of a gun.

When a Royal Navy vessel entered a port it was common for local prostitutes to visit the ship and elicit custom from the sailors. The sailors and prostitutes then had sexual relations, usually on one of the gun decks beside the many guns carried, one of the few places Able and Ordinary Seaman could obtain some sort of privacy. Should the prostitute subsequently fall pregnant by the sailor, she would then attempt to obtain compensation from the father or the navy for the upkeep of the child. This was usually not forthcoming and the father's name would be withheld. When it was fairly certain that the child had been conceived upon board one of His Majesty's vessels, the infant would be entered into the ship's records as 'child born to gun number X', the X denoting the gun position the sailor responsible for the errant behaviour was allocated-to, his name being omitted to maintain probity. These children born in this manner had no father's name on any official records and the male ones were referred to by knowing sailors as being 'sons of guns', a term denoting illegitimacy and contempt.

Even though faca 3 is over i still want to draw the guy. I think my fav character out of Faca3 was Murphy S. Law, just really sexy and tuff, she was great. Lord harm had the best smack talk i think, classy stuff. The strongest fighter was probably dewey, the whole concept is cool, he can basically trump just about anyone. Grats to Sam for the cool blog, i dunno if i'll play in Faca4, don't have a team yet.