Masters of Anatomy

I was asked to draw for the Masters of Anatomy book a while back and it is currently being funded on Kickstarter.  It's the last day to participate in the kickstarter if you're interested.  From what i've seen so far it looks pretty neat.



I had an idea for a wonder woman short recently, started drawing it, and then realized that i didn't really know much about wonder woman.  I got half way down the first page and decided to do a fact check and found out that i totally got it wrong.  All these years i thought that Hippolyta made her from clay to be the best of the amazons.  More importantly, she was sculpted as is, as an adult.  Not true.  Every origin story recap that i could find showed a toddler being crafted and brought to life.

All this time i thought she had a lion-o type story going on, where she was the naive adult child learning life lessons on the island, then to turn around and do it all over again in the outside world while trying to teach what she learned.  If wonder woman had a childhood then the whole thing raises questions about the island, like time and population.

Also, i like the rounded jaw, she looks healthy.